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U-PC Wholesale is our corporate offices in Spokane Washington.
We take great pride in being a leading computer components distributor in the Eastern Washington area and beyond. We have been happily serving Spokane and abroad for over 20 years.

With tremendous buying power through distribution and our fluid supply channel partners we look forward to bringing a much needed computer parts wholesaler to the Southern Idaho. We specialize in high quality hardware and software products.

With a rapidly growing stock of local inventory we strive to have the latest in demand and basic components available. Our customers have come to rely on us for their system needs or when performing necessary maintenance and repairs.

We are busy establishing the Boise market by regularly transferring parts from our Spokane warehouse to Boise. We eagerly look forward to seeing what U-PC Boise can do to support your business.

Our product selection is not tailored to achieving the lowest possible price, but is tailored to achieving the highest customer satisfaction!