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The U-PC Wholesale began in 2001 where it has exponentially grown and continues to be the largest and most trusted computer and parts supplier in Eastern Washington. U-PC is a growing network of businesses and ventures. U-PC Wholesale continues to serve as our main warehouse headquarters.

U-PC Boise began in the fall of 2017 where the idea of offering technical services began. This has not only been an overwhelming success but strategic plans are being discussed to implement another wholesale entity in the Boise area. With more and more product being transferred to South Idaho from our Spokane warehouse it is only a question of when.

U-PC has an incredible level of expertise across its company with specialized people in almost every facet of Information Technology.

The business partnerships, professional relationships, and the genuine trusted friendships we have built over 20 years has cultivated a positive can do attitude. We prove this time and time again with how we approach any bid, project or task by just getting the job done with confidence. Our goal has never been to achieve the lowest price, we deliver what you need using only quality products at competitive prices.

U-PC prides itself on honesty and integrity, these two principals are what have made us who we are today. Southwest Idaho has many great providers to choose from and we hope you allow us the chance to earn your business.

Ever been sold a product that would later make you feel like a prisoner to it? Have you ever been surprised by licensing costs or product incompatibilities? U-PC will never sell you down the river on some proprietary system that locks you into any particular vendor or manufacturer. We will always show you exactly what you are getting up front and what impacts your future might have because of any service or product we recommend. We will not sell low quality or cheap, but we will provide quality and affordability each and every time.

Let us show you how the landscape of technology has evolved and what competition and the free market has done to this industry. No longer are the days of one or two brand names, the focus has shifted to the integrator or service provider.

You should be excited about what your IT company can do for you, not frightened at what its going to cost. If this is the feeling you get when calling the provider/s you have chosen then it is time to find new ones. We would love to show you how we can impact your future, save you tons of money and get you the support you need now.


  • Physical Security (Access Control & Video Management)
  • Data Security
  • Web Filtering
  • Enterprise Wi-Fi deployment and design
  • Home Automation
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Database install, design, optimization, and repair
  • Website hosting and simple design
  • Networking and Design
  • Microsoft Active Directory and Group Policy services
  • Office 365 support and implementations
  • Cabling Voice, Data, CCTV, CATV, certified RCDD design
  • PRO Audio Video CTS design and installation
  • New, reconditioned and refurbished equipment sales.
  • Backup and disaster recovery solutions

Managed Solutions Leave the IT to us…. so you can focus on what you do best.

  • Hourly rates
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Remote systems support discount for those quick needs
  • Customized support plans to fit your specific need

Sales Let U-PC Wholesale give you a quote before you make your next technology purchase. We may not be the cheapest every time but chances are we will be a lot, if not most of the time. With our large line of already in stock offerings, industry partners and buying power we can get just about anything. Do yourself a favor and let U-PC fight for your business, we just might surprise you.

Web Hosting

U-PC Hosting

U-PC Hosting has everything from entry level to expert level options and support available.
We can host and implement your entire website from beginning to end.
Domain Names, Web Hosting, SSL & Security, Email, Marketing and Web Building Software are just a sample of our offerings..

If you just need a turn key solution where we hand over full administration to you we can do that.

We can build you a one page inexpensive site for presence, or assist in getting you the site you need or desire. Our pricing is extremely competitive and our team is very talented. You name it we can provide it in the hosting world.
Please click our link below and take a look at what we can offer you.
Please visit our online hosting solutions website.


U-PC Wholesale is our corporate offices in Spokane Washington.
We take great pride in being a leading computer components distributor in the Eastern Washington area and beyond. We have been happily serving Spokane and abroad for over 20 years.

With tremendous buying power through distribution and our fluid supply channel partners we look forward to bringing a much needed computer parts wholesaler to the Southern Idaho. We specialize in high quality hardware and software products.

With a rapidly growing stock of local inventory we strive to have the latest in demand and basic components available. Our customers have come to rely on us for their system needs or when performing necessary maintenance and repairs.

We are busy establishing the Boise market by regularly transferring parts from our Spokane warehouse to Boise. We eagerly look forward to seeing what U-PC Boise can do to support your business.

Our product selection is not tailored to achieving the lowest possible price, but is tailored to achieving the highest customer satisfaction!